Study name Sub-group State/Country Country Waves Dates
2000 Stories: Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort StudyCCRCVICAustralia111992 - ongoing
2000 Stories: Victorian Intergenerational Health Cohort StudyCCRCVICAustralia42006 - ongoing
Aboriginal Birth Cohort (ABC) studyAct earlyNTAustralia41987 - ongoing
Adolescence to Emerging Adulthood (A2EA) Study-VICAustralia52003 - ongoing
All Our Families Study-ACTAustralia82008 - ongoing
Asking Questions about Alcohol in Pregnancy StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia62011 - ongoing
Review of the health of adults conceived with and without Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesLifeCourseVICAustralia22008 - ongoing
Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health-QLDAustralia161996 - ongoing
Australian Parental Supply of Alcohol Longitudinal Study-NSWAustralia72010 - ongoing
Australian Temperament ProjectCCRCVICAustralia161983 - ongoing
Australian Temperament Project: Generation 3 Cohort StudyCCRCVICAustralia52011 - ongoing
Baby BioticsLifeCourseVICAustralia72011 - 2014
Barwon Infant StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia122010 - ongoing
Before, during And Beyond the baby Years; the influence of the first 1,000 days (BABY1000)Act earlyNSWAustralia22017 - ongoing
Cannabis Cohort Research Consortium (CCRC)CCRCNSWAustralia12010 - ongoing
Childhood to Adolescence Transition StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia92012 - ongoing
Children’s Attention Project (CAP) including Neuroimaging of CAP Substudy (NICAP)LifeCourseVICAustralia22011 - ongoing
Christchurch Health and Development StudyCCRCNZNew Zealand241977 - ongoing
Childhood Overweight BioRepository of Australia (COBRA)LifeCourseVICAustralia32009 - ongoing
Early Language in Victoria StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia112003 - ongoing
Families And Childhood Transitions Study-VICAustralia22013 - ongoing
Gomeroi gaaynggal studyAct earlyNSWAustralia22010 - ongoing
Growing Up in New Zealand-NZNew Zealand72008 - current
HealthNutsLifeCourseVICAustralia52007 - ongoing
Healthy Parents, Healthy KidsAct earlyVICAustralia22017 - ongoing
Illawarra Born: cross generation health studyAct earlyNSWAustralia72014 - ongoing
Imaging Brain Development in the Childhood to Adolescence Transition StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia42012 - ongoing
International Childhood Cancer Cohort ConsortiumLifeCourseVICAustralia12005 - ongoing
International Youth Development StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia102002 - ongoing
International Youth Development Study - US ArmLifeCourseVICAustralia102002 - ongoing
Language For Learning (L4L)LifeCourseVICAustralia42010 - ongoing
Let's Learn LanguageLifeCourseVICAustralia42007 - 2009
Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth-SAAustralia121995 - ongoing
Mater-University of Queensland Study of PregnancyAct earlyQLDAustralia101981 - ongoing
Men and Parenting Pathways (MAPP) Study-VICAustralia52015
The Mothers’ and Young People’s Study (MYPS)LifeCourseVICAustralia182003 - ongoing
Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study: outcomes of children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW-NSWAustralia62011 - ongoing
Peel Child Health Study (PCHS)-WAAustralia62008 - ongoing
Peri/Post-natal Epigenetic Twins Study (PETS)LifeCourseVICAustralia72007 - ongoing
PPOIT-1: Study of the effectiveness of Probiotics and Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) in inducing desensitisation or tolerance in children with peanut allergyLifeCourseVICAustralia112008 - ongoing
PPOIT-2: Open pilot study of Probiotic and Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (PPOIT) with shortened buildup phaseLifeCourseVICAustralia82015 - ongoing
PPOIT-3: A phase 3, multicentre, randomised, controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of Probiotic and Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (PPOIT) in inducing desensitisation or tolerance in children with peanut allergy compared with Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) alone and with placebo.LifeCourseVICAustralia52016 - ongoing
SchoolNutsLifeCourseVICAustralia42011 - ongoing
SYMBA - Promoting gut health (symbiosis) with prebiotic fibre for prevention of allergic diseaseAct earlyWAAustralia182016 - 2023
Take a Breath Cohort StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia42009 - 2014
The ORIGINS project (ORIGINS)Act earlyWAAustralia142016 - ongoing
The Raine StudyCCRCWAAustralia131989 - ongoing
Top End Cohort (TEC) studyAct earlyNTAustralia32007 - ongoing
Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study (Bumps, Babies and Beyond)LifeCourseNSWAustralia82009 - ongoing
Victorian Childhood Hearing Impairment Longitudinal DatabankLifeCourseVICAustralia42011 - ongoing
VICIEM: A clinical and laboratory databank for patients with Inborn Errors of MetabolismLifeCourseVICAustralia11970 - ongoing
Victorian Cerebral Palsy RegisterLifeCourseVICAustralia11970 - ongoing
Victorian Infant Brain StudyLifeCourseVICAustralia52001 - ongoing
VITALITY: Primary prevention of infant food allergy: a randomised controlled trial of postnatal vitamin D supplementationLifeCourseVICAustralia62014 - ongoing