The BABY1000 Study aims to better understand how interactions before and during pregnancy, particularly with the health of the mother, can contribute to the development of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other related disorders throughout the lives of the next generation.


Study name  Before, during And Beyond the baby Years; the influence of the first 1,000 days 
Study abbreviation  BABY1000
Current principal investigator/s  Adrienne Gordon
Current project manager  Kyra Sim
Cohort representative (study contact)  Kyra Sim
Primary Institution  University of Sydney
Study website
Study focus To identify the modifiable risks and interventions prior to, and during pregnancy that impact on later life health, particularly focused on the intergenerational cycle of obesity and diabetes.
Sampling frame Women (and their partners) recruited before and in early pregnancy from five New South Wales hospitals/locations
Year commenced  2017
Commencement sample Currently recruiting
Intergenerational? Yes
Imaging Yes
Linkage Yes
Biosamples? Yes


Wave Year Age (mean, range) Eligible sample
1  2017 – ongoing Preconception  Currently recruiting
2  2017 – ongoing Pregnancy Currently recruiting