Psychosocial development, mental health, epidemiology, life course development.


Study name Christchurch Health and Development Study
Study abbreviation CHDS
Current principal investigator/s Prof Joseph Boden
Current project manager Prof Joseph Boden
Cohort representative (study contact) Bridget Kinnersley
Postal address Department of Psychological Medicine, University Of Otago, Christchurch, PO Box 4345, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
Phone +64 3 372 6706
Primary Institution University Of Otago, Christchurch
Collaborating Institution/s Universities: Bristol (UK), Canterbury (NZ), Cardiff (UK), Curtin (AU), New South Wales (AU), North Carolina (USA), Otago (NZ), Queensland (AU), St Louis (USA), Sussex (UK). Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Australian Institute of Family Studies.
Major funding sources

Health Research Council (NZ)

National Child Health Research Foundation

Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

New Zealand Lottery Grants Board

Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council

National Institutes of Health

National Institutes on Drug Abuse

University of Otago

The James Hume Bequest Fund

Study website
Key reference Fergusson DM, Horwood LJ. The Christchurch Health and Development Study. In P. Joyce, G. Nicholls, K. Thomas & T. Wilkinson (Eds.), The Christchurch Experience: 40 Years of Research and Teaching. Christchurch: University of Otago, 2013; 79-87.
Are data available outside study team? Data sharing subject to approval of Study Director.
Study focus Psychosocial development, mental health, epidemiology, life course development
Sampling frame Birth cohort
Year commenced 1977
Commencement sample 1265
Intergenerational? No
Imaging No
Linkage NZ Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice databases 
Biosamples? DNA
Ethics approvals or requirements? All research subject to ethical approval from relevant Health and Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) 


Wave Year Age (mean, range) Eligible sample
1  1977 0 1262
2  1977 4 months 1210
3 – 18  Annually 1978-1993  1, 2, 3,… 14, 15, 16 years  1180-982
19 1995 18 years 1025
20 1998 21 years 1011
21 2002 25 years 1003
22 2007 30 years 987
23 2012 35 years 962
24 2017-2019 40 years ~950